Data Security for ChatGPT and Bard. Simplified. 

ChatGPT and Bard can run financial analysis in hyperspeed and create sample code for software developers. But it doesn't stop your IP or sensitive data from leaving the business. 

Forcepoint ONE and Forcepoint DLP provide strong data security controls by limiting or redirecting access and preventing sensitive information from being leaked. 

Block sensitive upload of data to ChatGPT with DLP.

Generative AI: The Next Generation of Shadow IT Risk

AI continues to grab headlines as people find new and innovative ways to use it. But its versatility and near-universal embrace poses a bigger risk than apps like Slack or Dropbox. 

Forcepoint enables your employees to safely benefit from generative AI, while you:

  • Control who uses generative AI.
  • Prevent uploading of sensitive files.
  • Block pasting of sensitive information.


Manage access and secure data in ChatGPT and Bard with DLP and SSE.
Forcepoint ONE, combined with Forcepoint DLP, protect access and secure data on ChatGPT.

Manage Access to ChatGPT and Stop Data Loss

Identify which departments and devices can use ChatGPT.

Maintain visibility and manage access to AI for specific user groups.

Apply varying levels of control to block or further limit risky users.

Redirect access to trusted AI apps and continuously secure and monitor data.

Paired with DLP, Forcepoint ONE can provide access control for ChatGPT.

Visibility and Control for AI with Forcepoint ONE

SWG limits access to AI based on users, groups and other criteria.

Coach visitors to use approved AI applications and redirect them.

CASB securely manages access to eventual AI SaaS apps.

Cover emerging tools with blanket coverage based on AI website category.

Use DLP to secure sensitive information from being exposed in ChatGPT.

Stop Data Leakage through ChatGPT and Bard

Discover and classify sensitive data across the organization.

Utilize 1,600+ out-of-the-box policies and classifiers to stop data loss.

Block copy and paste of sensitive information into web browsers.

Use unified policy management to control data loss through generative AI.

All In on AI with Forcepoint

Companies can't afford to stop employees from embracing the benefits of AI. But unchecked access will open the organization up to a new world of risk.

Forcepoint enables you to safely control how users interact with AI. Embrace ChatGPT and Bard to enter new markets or reinvent your go-to-market, without putting data at risk. 

Protect data on ChatGPT with DLP and Forcepoint ONE.
Protect Data and Manage Access to ChatGPT and Bard
Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
Industry-leading data security for web, cloud, email, network and endpoint.

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